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It is an incomparable honour to have been elected by the voters of Saint James North to represent them under the banner of the Barbados Labour Party in our country’s highest political forum. I am eternally grateful for this unique opportunity to serve my constituents and my fellow Barbadians in the wider society at this level.

I pledge to do my utmost best to justify the confidence which my constituents have placed in me and to improve their quality of life.

My election affords me the chance to advance my lifelong commitment to especially serve the most vulnerable in our communities, including the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed.

I thank my constituents for having chosen me to be their representative for this parliamentary session and look forward to working together with all well-meaning individuals and organizations to help create a better life for our people.

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The Clarkson Foundation Inc. is a non-profit company which provides social welfare, and community services and projects for the residents of St. James North and its environs.

The Foundation’s Patron is St. James North’s Member of Parliament and Shadow Education and Human Resources Minister, Attorney-at-law Edmund G. Hinkson.

The Company has so far implemented numerous life and work skills, educational, welfare, sports and agricultural programmes within the St. James North Communities.

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