2012-10-01 Letter to Drainage Unit

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October 1, 2012



The Director

Drainage Unit

Ministry of Drainage

Pine North-South



Dear Sir,


Re: Severe Drainage and Flooding Problems at Lower Carlton and Sion Hill, Saint James During Rainy Weather Conditions


I write this letter in my capacity as the Barbados Labour Party Candidate for Saint James North in the upcoming General Elections. This constituency includes Lower Carlton as well as Sion Hill and their respective immediate environs.


As your Department and Parent Ministry are both undoubtedly aware, the said areas are both subject to very severe flooding and drainage issues whenever a heavy downpour of rain falls, even for a period of just fifteen minutes. This problem has been on-going for a number of years. It has been accentuated, in the case of Sion Hill, by the construction of houses above this area which have diverted the natural course of the water unto the properties of some residents living in this district.


The majority of residents who are affected by these flooding conditions are, understandably, by now totally frustrated by what they consider to be the failure of Government to address this issue and to alleviate this problem.


I have taken notice of the fact that your Department has employed additional workers within recent times in an attempt to buttress the labour force required to address this type of problem nationally. I sincerely trust and hope that this part of Barbados is given priority by your Department in this regard. The quality of life of a large community of tax-paying Barbadians is at stake.


I look forward to receiving your Department’s response as to when you reasonably expect that this matter will be dealt with. I trust that it will be in the very near future.


Yours faithfully,





EGH: mal


Cc. The Minister of the Environment and Drainage


The Honourable Rawle Eastmond, J.P, M.P.


The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Drainage


The Residents of Lower Carlton and Sion Hill, Saint James


Author: ehinksonadmin

Edmund "Eddie" Hinkson is an attorney-at-law residing in Waterhall Terrace, St. James. The husband of Beverly and father of Erica and Gregory, he has an outstanding record as a community leader. He has been a member of the Lions Club of Bridgetown for the past 24 years and has the honours of being named the Best President of the Lions Clubs in the Caribbean District 60B and of serving as the Lions Clubs Leader of Barbados. Eddie has been a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the Salvation Army for the past 5 years. He has also served as a member of the Council of St. Johns Ambulance Association, the Association of the Blind and Deaf and of the Council for the Disabled. Eddie has been a sub-committee chairman of the Small Business Association and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A member of the Lawn Tennis Association and the Paragon Tennis Club, he has sponsored cricket, football and netball tournaments, provided prizes at school speech days, assisted churches with outreach and mentorship programmes, provided food vouchers to needy persons and helped in finding solutions to constituency issues relating to land. In government, he served as Chairman of the National Conservation Commission and the Severance Payments Tribunal, Deputy Chairman of the National Housing Corporation, the National Advisory Committee on Disabilities and the Building Advisory Committee as well as a Director of the National Cultural Foundation, a Member of Consumer Claims Tribunal, Income Tax Appeal Board and the Harrison College Board of Management. Internationally, Edmund is an officer of the International Bar Association, a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and a member of International Who’s Who of Professionals.